Philadelphia Fashion Week 2013 Designer Spotlight: Walish Gooshe

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DSC_0437 (1)Greg Gaten Taylor, founder, president and CEO of Walish Gooshe traveled to Philadelphia Fashion Week to show his Washington DC-based ready to wear men’s and women’s lines. Although the line’s flagship store is in DC, Taylor started his fashion career in city of Brotherly Love. Winner of the TLC reality show “WHO ARE YOU WEARING?” for dressing Laila Ali for a red carpet appearance, the pieces he paraded down Philly’s runway last week harked to a dark but feminine glamour reminiscent of classic red carpet looks. We got to talk to him amid the flourishing of clothing racks and bodies after the ready to wear runway show.

Fashion Up: How did the show go?

Taylor: Being here in Philadelphia is always good cause I started out in Philly and then I opened up my first store in Washington DC area, so it’s always good to be here back in the town where I started it all.

Fashion Up: What was your line inspired by?

DSC_0460Taylor: The line was inspired by just life in general. I ran into a lot of problems with my family’s health. My sister passed away and my grandmother was really sick in the middle of the year and it was really hard so I just kind of took all of the elements and brought them into my collection; a little bit of the dark side and a little bit of the light, because at the end of the tunnel, it’s always light. And that’s what I was inspired by.

Fashion Up: What’s next for Walish Gooshe?

Taylor: Moving forward i want to get myself back into retail stores.  Right now we’re selling all our own products so I want to be more wholesale than private label. There’s the store in DC but I’m trying to branch out and have more stores.
Fashion Up: Would you want to plant a store in Philly?

Taylor: Definitely! We want one in Philly. We’ve been approached by Skai Blue Media and we’re gonna reach out to make that happen. We were recently on the PHL17 morning show too so I definitely wanna get back to Philly and I’m taking steps right now to make that happen!

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